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Cerchiamo collaboratori affidabili, soprattutto traduttori dal Giapponese e adattatori. Se siete interessati contattateci specificando di cosa volete occuparvi. Tutti gli aspiranti collaboratori saranno sottoposti ad una prova.






The Smo Project is online since 11-12-2005.
This is a no profit web site, made by fans purely for fans. We DON'T SELL anything, we DON'T ASK for money for our works, we DON'T PAY for translations, text adaptation or editing. All the manga belong to their authors and whoever else legally owns the rights.
Our aim is to promote talented mangaka who are still unknown or not yet successful in Italy, so that readers will request their comics to Italian publishers. We also encourage our visitors to buy the original work of the authors.
We are ready to remove immediatly the work of any author featured on the site: contact us at: smoproject (at)

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Layout inspired by Lovely Designs. Layout image Keiko Takemiya.